Understanding Test Results

How Do We Test Our Products and Analyze the Results?

Every product in the TruPotency catalog undergoes rigorous third party laboratory testing, and sharing those results with you is core to our mission. All of the products we receive are also anonymized before sending to the laboratory to remove bias in testing. You can find the results for every product as either a PDF or web link, or both, on every product page.

All of the products you see on our website have received a "passing" evaluation, and carefully reviewing the test results plays a crucial role in that evaluation. It goes without saying that you what you won't see is the products that have "failed." In fact only a handful of products that we test meet our standards and make it to the website.

Our 5-Factor Analysis of Lab Results

  1. Cannabinoids
    • While focussing primarily on CBD levels, we also test for at least 9 other cannabinoids: THC-9, THC-8, THCA, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, THCV
    • CBD levels must reflect what the product claims within an acceptable standard deviation
    • THC-9 levels must not exceed the federally mandated limit of .3% THC-9 or less
    • The presence or absence of other cannabinoids help to determine whether a product is truly "full spectrum", "broad spectrum" or "isolate"
    • If a product asserts the predominance of another cannabinoid, such as CBG or CBN, then we follow the same procedures but with an eye toward proving those particular claims
  2. Terpenes
    Terpenes represent crucial organic compounds that both flavor and infuse the products and we test for at least 20 terpenes, often many more.
  3. Residual Solvents
    Primarily a safety issue, and in the absence of federal guidance, we presently abide the published standards of the State of Oregon: State of Oregon Cannabis Standards.
  4. Pesticides
    The importance of accetable pesticide levels can't be overstated, and in the absence of federal guidance, we presently abide the published standards of the State of Oregon: State of Oregon Cannabis Standards.
  5. Microbial
    Anything consumable must be tested for the presence of mold, yeast and other biological contaminants, measured by the presence of CFU (colony forming units), and we abide the official U.S. Pharmacopeia Microbial Limits.


How Do We Score and Evaluate Products for Effectiveness?

The TruPotency Science Team has developed a database of relevant cannabinoids, terpenes and other key ingredients and has assigned an effectiveness score to them based on the results of over 100 scientific studies and clinical trials. The TruPotency algorithm uses these scores to determine which products are best suited for your particular needs (e.g. anxiety, insomnia, inflammation).

We take into a consideration a variety of factors when scoring products:

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) 
    Content, amount, type
  • Cannabinoids 
    Content, amount, type of cannabinoids other than CBD
  • Terpenes
    Content, amount, type
  • Supplements
    Content, amount, type
  • Bioavailability or Absorption
    Nano-infusion, micro-infusion or otherwise high bioavailability
  • Synergy
    Combinations of all of the above that increase potency and effectiveness